Pakistan on Thursday beat West Indies by three runs at the Port of Spain to gain an unassailable 2-0 lead in the four-match T20Is series.

The player of the match was once again leg-spinner Shadab Khan, who bamboozled the Windies batsmen with his variation en route to four wickets in his four overs, giving away only 14 runs in the process.

“It was a slower pitch than the last one [Barbados],” said Shadab in the post-match presentation ceremony. “I was getting more turn.”

After winning the toss, the hosts sent Pakistan in to bat first on a slow pitch. Pakistani batsmen were unable to fathom the pace of the pitch and kept losing wickets. Shoaib Malik and Babar Azam were the only two batsmen who managed to enter the 20s before Wahab Riaz walked in.

The left-arm pacer smacked quick 24 off 10 balls courtesy two sixes and a boundary to add decency to Pakistan’ total of 132 all out.

“The start wasn’t good,” said Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed. “However, we finished well.”

In their chase, West Indies were bolstered by Marlon Samuels’ 44 off 35 balls but Shadab spun the game Pakistan’s way with a wicket in his second over and then two consecutive scalps in his third. The 18-year-old then got Samuels out caught behind with a googly in his fourth over.

Later, with 14 needed off the last over, Hasan Ali defended the match for Pakistan even after being hit for two boundaries on the first two balls as Windies ended on 129-8.

Shahzad’s injury

Pakistan right-handed opener Ahmad Shahzad on Thursday was driven off the ground after a nasty collision with Chadwick Walton.

Shahzad, in an attempt to pick up the ball and throw it towards stumps found himself in the way of the batsman who was nearly in. After the collision, Shahzad stayed put on the ground while an ambulance was driven onto the ground to pick him up and escort him to a hospital.

He had a neck brace on and was conscious. He returned to the pitch soon after receiving medical attention.


Pakistan: Shehzad, Akmal, Azam, Zaman, Malik, Sarfraz (c), Imad, Shadab, Tanvir, Wahab, Hasan.

West Indies: Lewis, Walton (w), Samuels, Simmons, Pollard, Powell, Brathwaite (c), Holder, Narine, Badree, Williams.

Over 20: WI 129-8 (Target: 133)

ONLY A SINGLE! PAKISTAN WIN! 2-0 up in the series.

RUN OUT! Narine hits it back to the bowler and Hasan runs to the non-striker’s end and removes the bails. The batsmen crossed and Holder will face the last ball.

Another off-cutter and Narine misses – 5 off 2.

DOT! Good off-cutter by Hasan but wait, he follows up with a wide – 5 off 3 now.

FOUR! Straight past the bowler. Hasan went in to stop it half-heartedly with his right hand. The Windies living up to the legend – 6 off 4.

In the block hole and FOUR! Narine makes it 10 off 5 only.

Hasan Ali to bowl the last over.

Over 19: WI 119-7 (Target: 133)

DOT! Full-toss on off and Holder misses it. Windies need 14 off the last over.

FOUR! Holder gets it towards square leg. The match is still alive – 14 off 7.

Another dot to new man Narine. A risky single follows.

Starts with a dot and BOWLED on the next ball. In the block hole to Brathwaite – 19 off 10 now.

Wahab for the penultimate over.

Over 18: WI 114-6 (Target: 133)

Windies not taking undue risks. Four singles to end the over after the biggie. 19 off 12 needed now.

SIX! Holder boasts his power with a mammoth over the bowler’s head.

Sohail Tanvir.

Over 17: WI 103-6 (Target: 133)

FOUR! Holder bisects the field on the leg side.

Wahab Riaz now.

Over 16: WI 95-6 (Target: 133)

Five runs off Sohail Tanvir’s over. Windies need 38 off 24 now – very chase-able if someone can stay on the crease for the hosts.

Over 15: WI 90-6 (Target: 133)

Seven runs off the over courtesy a boundary by Carlos Brathwaite.

Hasan Ali now.

Over 14: WI 83-6 (Target: 133)

Two off his over. He finishes wicket-less, giving away 28 runs.

Imad Wasim bowls his last. No wicket fo rhim today.

Over 13: WI 81-6 (Target: 133)

CAUGHT BEHIND! Samuels the danger man departs and Pakistan have an upper hand now. Wicket-maident and also four wickets for Shadab !

Shadab Khan.

Over 12: WI 81-5 (Target: 133)

Only four off it.


Over 11: WI 77-5 (Target: 133)

BOWLED! Powell is trumped by the teenager. Great delivery and Powell is left clueless. Pulled a little back, short and Powell didn’t know which foot to play it on. Shadab is on a hat-trick… but misses it!

STUMPED! Pollard (3 off 4) charges but misses and Sarfraz is quick to remove the bails. This kid is touching and turning everything into gold.

Shadab again.

Over 10: WI 74-3 (Target: 133)

FOURx2! Samuels knows his role. He needs to finish it or at least take West Indies close enough.

LBW! Lendl Simmons walks in and get out without troubling Pakistan. Scores only 1 off 2 balls.

Hasan Ali.

Over 9: WI 65-2 (Target: 133)

BOWLED! Googly does the trick again. The ball spin into the right-handed Walton and hits his leg stump.

Shadab Khan.

Over 8: WI 60-1 (Target: 133)

SIXx2! Samuels wants to end it as soon as possible for West Indies.

FOUR! Marlon Samuels hits it straight and get a boundary off it. Windies finding the fence more easily than Pakistan. Pakistan need to stop the run flow or this target would be a piece of cake for the hosts.

Imad again.

Over 7: WI 41-1 (Target: 133)

Here comes the wonder kid Shadab Khan with his leg-spinners and googlies.

Over 6: WI 35-1 (Target: 133)

Wahab Riaz introduced. Goes for six in his over.

Over 5: WI 29-1 (Target: 133)

FOURx2! Walton hits two consecutive boundaries.

Hasan Ali bowls his first.

Over 4: WI 20-1 (Target: 133)

Another collision! Shehzad tried to pick up the ball and throw it towards stumps but the batsman was nearly in and struck him hard from the back. An ambulance has just drove into the ground to pick him up. He has a neck brace on. We’ll keep you updated about his condition.

Sohail Tanvir again.

Over 3: WI 16-1 (Target: 133)

Five off his over.


Over 2: WI 11-1 (Target: 133)

RUN OUT! Lewis didn’t deserve it. He was well in, but a collision with Shadab has forced him to throw his bat, and meanwhile the ball hits the stumps, he is in the air. Someone needs to talk about this rule, and that too soon!

FIVE WIDES! Sohail is horrendously off mark here. Down leg, Sarfraz dives but is beaten.

Sohail Tanvir shares the new ball.

Over 1: WI 2-0 (Target: 133)

Left-arm spinner Imad Wasim opens the bowling for Pakistan, while Lewis and Walton open the chase for the hosts.

Over 20: PAK 132 all out

Pakistan never looked like reaching this total after the horrendous start they got. Babar, Malik promised a lot but didn’t go the distance. No other player showed the spark except Wahab who didn’t hold himself back from playing his shots. Pakistan have the bowling prowess to defend this but will they? Let’s see!

Single and a run out on the last ball.

OUT! Caught at midwicket this time. What an innings from Wahab.

SIX! Short and Wahab smacks it with authority over the bowler’s head.

Shadab improvises, wants to become AB de Villiers, lap sweeps it but only for a single.

Brathwaite bowls, in the block hole and the first ball is a dot to Shadab.

Over 19: PAK 124-8

FOUR! Straight as an arrow, hit with power and Wahab beats the fielder.

SIX! Wahab waits, ball falls on full length, he slams it as high as possible, Holder gets his hands on it but it flies through.

Kesrick Williams with his last over.

Over 18: PAK 108-8

FOUR! Full-toss, nearly a beamer and Shadab Khan fends it off past the short fine leg fielder. Important runs for Pakistan.

100 up for Pakistan with 16 ball remaining. What can they make off it?

Holder to bowl his last over.

Over 17: PAK 98-8

OUT! Mis-timed, reckless shot from Imad and captain Brathwaite takes the catch running backwards at covers.

FOUR! Straight over the bowler’s head by Imad.

Kesrick Williams.

Over 16: PAK 91-7

LBW! Sohail Tanvir (4 off 2) is caught in front of the wickets. No more heroics from him.

FOUR! Sohail Tanvir walks in and gets a boundary on the first ball.

OUT! Sarfraz Ahmed (12 off 17) caught at short third man.

Narine in for his last over.

Over 15: PAK 87-5

Imad Wasim join captain Sarfraz.

OUT! Malik caught at long leg in an attempt to clear the fielder. He fought hard, 28 off 20.

FOUR! Driven hard by Malik and Holder is late with his hands at mid off. Miss it and the ball runs to the boundary.


Over 14: PAK 78-4

Only four off the over. Pakistan need some big hits from Sarfraz and Malik now.


Over 13: PAK 74-4

FOUR! Sarfraz plays it towards backward point.


Over 12: PAK 67-4

FOUR! Malik is receiving everything in the middle. Cuts it this time past backward point.

FOUR! Short again. Guided sweetly towards square leg but the man there misfields it. Brathwaite is unhappy.

SIX! Malik sees it short, goes on the back foot and times it flat over midwicket. It is an 82-metre giant!


Over 11: PAK 52-4

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed joins Shoaib Malik.

OUT! Badree bowls wide outside off, Fakhar goes down on one knee, drags it all the way and tries to clear midwicket. A towering Holder is standing there ready for the catch. Not a great debut from Fakhar, only 5 off 8 scored.


Over 10: PAK 49-3

It took Pakistani batsmen nine balls to score first runs against Kesrick Williams.

Kesrick Williams is back after bowling that maiden to Babar.

Over 9: PAK 45-3

Debutante Fakhar Zaman joins veteran Malik.

OUT! Shehzad (14 off 15) tries to beat the man at short midwicket… unsuccessfully.

Sunil Narine in for his second.

Over 8: PAK 42-2

Shoaib Malik joins Ahmad Shahzad in the middle

OUT! Babar Azam goes for a wild sling on a wide-on-off delivery and edges it to the keeper. Windies captain strikes big!

Captain Carlos Brathwaite brings himself on.

Over 7: PAK 37-1

Four off his over.

Badree in for his third. Powerplay ends, fielders on the fence.

Over 6: PAK 33-1

FOUR! Babar finds the fence one more time.

More spin in powerplay. Sunil Narine brought in.

Over 5: PAK 25-1

FOUR! Picked up from length and sent towards long on. Babar making up for the maiden over.

FOUR! Babar receives one short and drifting down leg. He goes with the flow and places it towards square leg for a diving fielder who couldn’t stop it.

Holder into his second over.

Over 4: PAK 15-1

Kesrick Williams bowls a maiden to Babar Azam. Pakistan on the back foot after the early fall of Kamran Akmal.

Over 3: PAK 15-1

He goes for only three.

Badree in for his second.

Over 2: PAK 12-1

FOUR! Ahmed Shehzad unravels a strong square cut on a short and wide ball on off.

Jason Holder shares the new ball.

Over 1: PAK 4-1

FOUR! Babar Azam walks in, takes a look at the field and decides to go through covers first ball with a timed, classy drive. Words can’t describe the talent this kid has.

BOWLED! Kamran Akmal tries to play late but misses. What a break through for Windies. They’ve got the man in form.

Samuel Badree will bowl the first over for West Indies. Kamran Akmal and Ahmed Shehzad will open the innings for Pakistan.

Team news

Pakistan bring in left-handed batsman Fakhar Zaman for mis-firing veteran all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez.

Windies go in with the same side.


Brathwaite tosses it up, Sarfraz calls tail but it’s head. Brathwaite decides to bowl first.