Additional session judge Irfan Anjum was tortured and abused by lawyers' group

LAHORE (Dunya News) – CCTV footage of Lahore session court was attained by Dunya News on Saturday. It can be clearly seen that additional session judge Irfan Anjum is being abused and threatened by lawyers group.

Barrister Ahtesham, while being accompanied with his lawyer companions, came to Irfan Anjum’s court on Friday and abused the judge for not giving verdict in their favor. He threatened saying, “I will tear off your black coat.”

It must be noted that a few days ago, Barrister Ahtesham had thrown away files placed at podium after additional district and session judge Irfan Anjum was hearing the request on filing case. The two had a bitter misunderstanding.

Following the incident, all judges abandoned court proceedings while Lahore session judge was notified about the matter.


Pakistan Bar Council Vice Chairman Ahsan Bhoon calls it immoral of Barrister Ahtesham to act indecent with an additional session judge. Moreover, Supreme Court Bar Association Secretary Aftab Bajwa said that the lawyers’ community would not tolerate such people. He said that Lahore High Court Chief Justice should quickly take notice of the incident and punish lawyers’ group involved in threatening the judge in courtroom.

On the other hand, Barrister Ahtesham has rejected all accusations against him despite video evidence of the incident. The citizens have pointed out that is there any code of conduct for lawyers.