Domestic users were facing gas outage in winter which forced government to take active measures

ISLAMABAD  – Gas outage spreads throughout homes in Punjab as soon as winter reached its peak point. Domestic users have already been facing adverse times in the country’s largest province lately.

Punjab government was left with no choice but to close all CNG stations for three days. Officials at Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited stated that CNG stations will be reopened on Saturday evening.

The decision was triggered by unavailability of gas in homes. Residents across Punjab, while referring to their little kids feeling cold in low temperature, inquired that where are those claims made by rulers?

On the other hand, CNG station owners and transportation drivers have called the decision injustice against them. Sources told that gas supply to power plants and fertilizer sector will also be suspended soon.

The stoppage of gas supply to power houses will lead to prolonged hours in load shedding.