NAROWAL – Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has said on Thursday that the government is responsible to solve issues of the impoverished.

The premier inaugurated health card scheme in Narowal today and addressed a ceremony in this regard.

In his speech, PM Nawaz said that the government wishes to solve issues of the impoverished as they do not have enough resources to get medical treatment. He said that the steps taken by the government aim at stabilising the financial irregularities among the classes.

He asserted that national health programme would be spread across the country.

Elaborating on the health card scheme, PM Nawaz said that the government would bear expenses of medical treatment of a member of a family above Rs 0.1 million.

He said that national health programme has been launched in at least 23 districts.

The premier reiterated that power outages would end by 2018 as different electricity projects are near completion.

PM Nawaz lambasted his political opponents by saying that some politicians lie to the nation on daily basis and that they were hindering progress of the country.

Nawaz Sharif held such politics ‘dangerous’ for the state.