Hundred of kids died in India from mysterious disease which spreads from eating lychee

LAHORE: (Web Desk) – Hundreds of kids have died in Indian state of Bihar due to a mysterious disease because they ate lychee, according to the scientists.

According to details, hundreds of kids have died in Muzaffarpur district of Indian state of Bihar during the last two decades. A team of Indian and American scientists has claimed that the disease, locally known as ‘Chamki’, spreads by eating lychee which contains a chemical called Hypoglycin A.

During the year 2014 alone, 390 kids had been hospitalised for this disease and 122 out of them succumbed to the disease according to BBC. The scientists believe that this disease is caused by eating lychee early in the morning with an empty stomach.

The research that continued for about three years has been published in science magazine Lancet Global and the study reached the conclusion by taking the extracts from the blood and urine samples of the kids admitted to the hospitals for this disease.

Most of the kids had eaten nothing in the evening and ate lychee in large quantity after waking up in the morning. Moreover, the kids are more prone to get this disease if they are malnourished or are already suffering from some other disease.