PESHAWAR :The Institute for Cultural and Civic Education in collaboration with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa culture department conducted an interesting local game competition in Tehsil Katlang Mardan between the teams of Saleem Khan Club and israr Khan Club. The event was conducted under the project (RICH) to promote and safeguard local sports and cultural traditions.
PTI counselor Asad Ali & Amjid Khan was the Chief Guests on the occasion. He gave away trophy to the captain of the winning team of Israr Khan Club while Saleem Khan Club received the runerup shield. Addressing the gathering, the chief guest said that reviving the indigenous art, literature, sports and culture would help people to safeguard their old traditions.
He said that KP culture department deserved appreciation for launching the project of RICH which not only would provide entrainment but also youth would get knowledge about their own cultural events. He said our youth would involve in positive activities and would boost their imaginative flight. “It is a golden platform for our youth to travel into past history, traditions and practice them in today’s modern time.
The teams of Saleem Khan & Israr Khan club played a famous traditional game Mukha (Teerandazi) which was watched by large number of people specialy large number of youth who took great interest. The players of Israr Khan Club won the match while Saleem Khan Team was declared runerup.
Participants told this scribe that Mukha (Teerandazi) used to be played with great spirit and promoted mutual harmony among people but then modern paraphernalia wiped out the old games and sports. “Watching today’s Mukha (Teerandazi) match reminded us our youth. Youth should try to revive this beautiful old game.
Sadiq amin , Manager of The Institute for Cultural and Civic Education , Mardan in his remarks pointed out that people had almost forgotten traditional games and art but The KP government took a very positive step by launching the RICH project. He said local people wanted to safeguard their past history, art and culture but had no sources and motivation.
“RICH provided this rare opportunity especially to youth to come forward and exhibit their talent. We shall also conduct and a number of other events which would engage people to boost public interest. The Captan of Winning team Israr Khan also talked and thanks to rich due to rich traditional game is revival.