Kapil Sharma and Jackie Chan's banter was laugh worthy.

After the usual un-funny jokes at the start, Kapil Sharma introduces Raveena Tandon as the one to take  Navjyot Singh Sidhu’s place for this episode. They have a nice banter. The Tip tip barsa girl looked really ravishing in a printed long skirt and a white top. She promoted her show Sabse Bada Kalakar which will go on air soon. Jackie Chan entered with Sonu Sood on a cycle. They are here to promote their film Kung Fu Yoga. The audience went crazy looking at Jackie Chan. He seemed pretty pleased. Kapil says now he can say he is popular. Jackie Chan puns on him saying you are popular because of him. Jackie seemed really happy to be on the show or he is a great actor, we don’t know yet. Jackie is tired of action and now wants to do a romantic film only. Raveena Tandon tries to fill in for Sidhu by saying a couplet which was cheesy at best. She asks Kapil to translate it for Jackie but it was Sood who summed it up better in a gist

Kapil is perhaps used English the most today. He tried really hard to talk to Jackie in English. He defends his lack of knowledge of English saying that Britishers ruled us for 200 years and so he is angry with them. That’s the reason he doesn’t like to learn English. Chan had a hearty laugh on that. He then says Sidhu missed his flight along with the chance of meeting Chan. The cycle they used to make an entry gets sold out for Rs. 10 lacs. The money will go for charity, claims the international star. The action superstar then inspects the crockery displayed on the table and finds out the kettle was from China. That leaves him really amused. Chan leaves Kapil really happy when he asks him did the comedian ever think he will get a chance to have Jackie Chan on the show. The actor-comedian was beside himself feeling happy that even Chan watches his show.

Jackie dances with Raveena while Kapil gets jealous. The actor was playing along really well. Jackie Chan stays fit and healthy by having having black bean soup. Kapil was shocked that it’s Rajma that he was talking about. That was an endearing moment. Kiss scene is easier according to Chan. He has broken a lot of bones over the years. He even explains how audience wants him to do action rather than a drama. “I didn’t go to Oscar, oscar came to me”, says Chan.

Naani again fails to show any versatility in the acting. It’s still boring and repetitive. Kapil asks Jackie Chan to repeat son Hindi film dialogues after him and the actor does them adorably. Kapil then tries to explain wedding customs to Chan and it’s hilarious. Amyra Dastur, Disha Patani, Mia and the director of the film join Jackie and Sonu Sood. Jackie doesn’t let Kapil flirt with the girls. Disha and Amyra get into a cute cat-fight. Mia was all giggly and very nervous on the show. Chan then sings Tu meri from Bang Bang. Mia chooses Kapil over Sonu. They wrap up the show with a dance on Zinghat from Sairat.