MANCHESTER – Maryam Kausar a 28-year-old PhD student from Islamabad is missing from Manchester.

Maryam who currently resides in Whaley Range has been missing since Tuesday and does not have any immediate family living in the United Kingdom (UK).

The desperate family of a missing student released CCTV footage of the last time she was seen before the disappeared.


Maryam Kausar is from Islamabad in Pakistan but is in the UK studying a PhD in Advanced Software Engineering at Salford University.

She was last seen leaving her halls of residence in Whalley Range yesterday, wearing a pyjama top, slippers without a coat.

The 28-year-old year has no family in the UK and relatives are used to hearing from her every day.
She was booked on a flight back home to Pakistan today, but when a family friend arrived to take her to Manchester Airport she was not at home.

Zuna Farooq, a family friend, said: ‘Her family speak to her everyday. She has been getting more emotional and stressed and upset, saying she is worried about not being able to find a job.

Maryam’s sister Hajirah told a local newspaper, “Maryam usually hangs about in central Manchester. We are hoping she is fine. We need help from the community and others to help her find us as she is vulnerable and has suffered from emotional stress in the past.”