Industry buzz report that this could be the possible reason behind Katrina Kaif’s ouster and Deepika Padukone bagging the L’Oreal ambassadorship.

Being a face of one of the cosmetics giants means global outreach and while Katrina Kaif was a part of this brigade, looks like her fiercest competitor beat her to it! We’re talking about how Deepika Padukone managed to bag the coveted spot as L’Oreal’s brand ambassador. We heard DP’s side of the story on why she was so keen on becoming L’Oreal’s next face. We even heard Katrina’s side of the story that she planned to start a cosmetics range of her own, which would clash with the big brand. However, an insider has just revealed that perhaps it was Kat’s inability to win the popularity stake as well as uncooperative nature that resulted in her ouster. Rumour has it that Katrina was unable to live upto the expectations of the company in terms of popularity and was quite uncooperative at times. This resulted in the brand, not renewing her contract after it was expired.

For all the newbs who are completely oblivious with this development, let us explain the scenario. Just recently, there were reports that Deepika Padukone had replaced Katrina Kaif as the new L’Oreal brand ambassador. The reason why the actress was hell bent on going onboard with this particular brand was because it would elevate her Hollywood stance. As you know, she recently made her Hollywood debut and has been making a lot of appearances in the West, with a view to gain more visibility. With L’Oreal, that is a possibility as she will be able to broaden her Hollywood horizons. We’d say that is good thinking.

Anyway, so to this, buzz in the industry stated that Kat and L’Oreal parted ways due to difference in opinion. It seems the diva was keen on starting a cosmetics brand of her own, which would clash with the likes of the brand. Therefore, she decided to take a step back. Looks like similarity in opinion caused the rift! While we’re still wondering when Kaif will launch her retail brand, Mumbai Mirror has reported that there may not be a label by the actress at all! So does that mean it was a bad rapport with the brand itself that resulted in both the parties calling off the deal?

You folks can get your heads in action and think about the plausible explanation to Katrina’s ouster and Deepika bagging the spot. Do write your thoughts in the comments box below. Stay tuned to this space for hot scoop and latest updates