LAHORE – Singer Sanam Marvi has denied the news reports that said she had been robbed and was made a victim of sexual harassment at her Lahore residence.

The false rumours circulating on social media and even mainstream media suggested that unidentified assailants on Tuesday broke into her home, robbed and attempted to rape her.

However, the singer took to the Facebook and termed the news as “fake rumour.”

Talking to Daily Pakistan, Sanam Marvi’s manager Sansaar Kandhro said that Sanam Marvi was being confused with a Karachi-based actress called Sanam Abbasi who had been allegedly raped the same day.

“It shows how irresponsible our mainstream media has become. They didn’t even bother to contact us and confirm it,” the manager lamented.

“We have got the evidence. This isn’t journalism, it’s character assassination,” Sansaar held.