Shah Rukh Khan's three year old son Abram Khan just barged in during an interview of the Raees star and what followed next was too damn adorable. Check out the video.

Is it just us or are Shah Rukh Khan and AbRam Khan turning cuter and cuter as the days go by? With every story we come across or their appearances itself, we are left in awe of the loving father-son duo. And just some moments ago, a video of the duo indulging in some really cute moments has left us wanting for more. Shah Rukh, who has been doing success interviews of Raees, was busy giving an interview to a leading YouTube channel when his 3 year old entered the screen and quite possibly took away all the attention! Yes, this video that has surfaced of AbRam taking away all the limelight in an ongoing interview of Shah Rukh has so cute AF that all the women who aren’t even fans of kids will definitely get some feelers. So while the interview was going on, Khan’s youngest son was also present at the venue. At quite a few instances during the interview, the 51 year old actor even called out his son to come and say ‘Hi’ to his fans.

He denied coming onscreen and stayed away with a view to not disturb his father during work. However, by the end of the interview, SRK again called his son to join him, to which the kiddo stated that he broke his thumb. After hearing this, to pacify his son, Shah Rukh told him to come to him so he could give him a kiss and ward off the pain! And guess what, just as expected, one kiss from Raees miyan and AbRam totally forgot about his pain! Well, after seeing this video, we for one are having the toughest time not watching it on loop. Their conversation just reached another level of adorbs as they continued to talk about thumb, magic tricks and yes, lots and lots of cuteness. You can check out the video below.

This video is going to do two things, invoke maternal instincts among the ladies and make the boys wish they were dads. Could AbRam and Shah Rukh be any more cute? Okay, the word cute has been repeated quite a lot of times but it’s so hard to undo the word after seeing the video. This is the first time that the three year old has come on Live forum and has even said, ‘Bye’ to Shah Rukh’s “friends”. In the past too, a lot of times, the young Khan has accompanied his father for interviews and shoots. On the same, the actor even mentioned how when the events are happening close to home, he drops in so they can spend some quality time amid breaks. Aren’t they one of a kind? Totally lovin’ all this father-son love, Shah Rukh!

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