Sunil addressed all the speculations and here’s what he had to say…

The Sunil Grover – Kapil Sharma fight seems to have no end. The controversy that sparked off after Kapil’s rash behaviour while on a plane, is still ongoing.

The result is – Kapil has almost lost his show. Truth is post the fight and Sunil’e exit from the show, the TRPs have only declined. The show hs now gone out of the top 10 race and the channel too has dropped two spots.

The makers have decided to scrap the show altogether. There were also rumours that they have approached Sunil Grover for a standalone show to replace The Kapil Sharma Show. But Sunil refuted all such rumours.

He said, “I have not signed any show on the same channel or anywhere else, for that matter. I was part of The Kapil Sharma Show and I have been out of the show for some time. I am a performer and my job is to perform and act. There are offers, but nothing has been decided yet, but I will be doing something for sure.”