The former COAS recently accepted to lead alliance of 39 Muslim countries

DAVOS (Dunya News) – Former Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), General (r) Raheel Sharif has said on Tuesday that number of terror attacks has significantly dropped in the country.

General Sharif addressed World Economic Forum in Davos and in his speech he shed light over Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism and sacrifices rendered by the countrymen and the soldiers.

The former army chief let it out that terrorists were taking advantage of digital means of communication and called for the world powers to cooperate to wed-out extremism.

General Sharif retired as one of the most popular military figures among all leaders of the armed forces since the foundation of Pakistan in 1947. He was quoted by various renowned journalism outlets in the world as the most powerful military leader of Pakistan.

The former COAS recently accepted to lead alliance of 39 Muslim countries.

General Sharif accepted the offer after his conditions were catered to by Saudi Arabia. According to Lt General (r) Amjad Shoaib, the ex-COAS laid down following conditions:

  • He will be the commander or in-charge of the coalition and there will be no command above him.
  • Iran must be invited and added into the coalition.
  • He will have the authority to mediate between any two member countries in case of a disagreement or confusion.