For starters, she is a martial artist and knows stunt driving no less than James Bond himself

LONDON  – In 2014, the royal house hired a full time nanny for Prince George who is the son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Prince George s nanny is Swedish and her name is Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

She acquired her training at the prestigious Norland College where most of the nannies are trained which are hired by the royal houses like Buckingham Palace. The students at Norland are taught fine domestic skills from baking a perfect cake for Christmas to taking good care of children.

Miss Borallo knows how to play musical instruments and tricks to stimulate babies  senses of sight and smelling. She has been thoroughly taught to keep her look neat by daily polishing her shoes, ironing her dress and to never look like a maid but a nanny.

She receives a hefty salary of over £30,000 which can reach up to £100,000 in ten decades. The full time job requires her to stay with William and Kate wherever they travel. Her job requires her to entertain the child and stay involved all the time in his care.

Not only that she knows martial arts, she has also been trained in Tae Kwon-Do for self defence. She can even protect Prince George from photographers who won’t go away.

These nannies are trained for worse. Miss Borallo has been taught to drive perfectly and cope with all conditions while driving at high speed. She has been taking care of Prince George for over two years now.